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The Sustainable Legacy Corporation (SLC) Board of Directors is pleased to announce the election of three new board members:

  • Frank Grossman
  • Robin Hartery
  • Erik Nadeau

Please link to Sustainable Legacy Corporation for details.

A Note About Our Web Site

We want to let you know that our web site has a black background because studies have shown that a dark computer monitor uses less energy than a light (white) one. Every little bit counts. (Refer to Roberson, J.A., Homan, G.K., Webber, C.A., Brown, R.E., McWhinney, M., and Koomey, J.G. "Energy Use and Power Levels in New Monitors and Personal Computers." July 2002.)

Meet the Student Sustainable Energy Team (SSET)

The Student Sustainable Energy Team (SSET) is a group of students within Sustainable Legacy, a non-profit corporation. Natural curiosity, enthusiasm for learning, and love of our communities inspire us to seek solutions for productive utility and responsible stewardship of our natural resources for generations to come. We work as a team to learn about sustainable living and participate in projects involving sustainable energy concepts, technologies, and innovations.

SSET Group Picture
Pictured (left to right): Erik (SSET President), Alex (SSET Treasurer), Anu, Gabe, Anji (SSET VP), Katie. Missing from the picture: Rahul, Sid, Sri, Ved

SSET Student Officers for the 2013-14 Program Year

President: Erik
Vice President: Anji
Treasurer: Alex
Secretary: Position floating through the membership on a single-meeting basis.

SSET Welcomes New Members

At our first meeting on September 4, we welcomed several new members. But, we didn't let them take long to settle in! With Hollis Old Home Days only two weeks away (September 21), we immediately assigned project tasks in preparation for sponsoring the SSET booth for sustainability awareness.

Thank You for Making Two Community Events a Success!

With hard work from all SSET members (veterans and new), we successfully designed and hosted 2013 SSET Energy Day on May 5 for climate change and alternative energy awareness.

On Energy Day, the SSET:

  • Worked with six vendors to demonstrate alternative energies for residences, energy efficient construction and sustainable architecture for public buildings (based on a local school), energy efficient transportation (Chevy Volt and Toyota electric Prius), crystal development for LED production, and community awareness.

  • Organized and led an energy scavenger hunt for young visitors.

  • Presented solar, wind, and hydro demonstrations.

  • Showed video presentations of Masdar City and the Soccket ball.

  • Manned booths describing LED lights, future of energy, and SSET membership.

Plans are already underway for SSET Energy Day 2014 with a fuel-efficient car show!




A few months later, on September 21, the SSET sponsored a booth at Hollis Old Home Days where we:

  • Demonstrated solar, hydro, and wind power.

  • Answered questions about alternative energies.

  • Rallied support for the SSET and sustainability.


Photovoltaic (PV) Projects and Corporate Sponsorship

In the spring of 2013, the SSET completed a project to add inexpensive and efficient motion-controlled solar lighting at the Hollis Town Department of Public Works (DPW) complex. After completing a design plan and determining costs, we presented the plan to the town selectmen and received approval.

With this type of work in mind for future projects, we are learning how to make presentations and acquire corporate sponsorship. Let us know if you are interested in helping!

Learning About Wind Energy

Last year, the SSET studied solar energy and photovoltaic (PV) solutions. We continued with studies of wind energy. Through presentations and investigations, we will answer questions such as:

What is an anemometer and how does it measure wind speed?
What is Bernoulli’s Principle? How is a wind gauge designed to measure wind speed based on this principle?
What is the maximum load that can be lifted to the top of a shaft using wind energy?
How does a generator convert kinetic energy into electrical energy?
How does a motor convert electrical energy into kinetic energy?
How is electricity measured using a digital multimeter or visual voltmeter?
What are the basic measurement values in electronics?
How does the blade pitch (angle) of a wind turbine affect the turbine’s electrical output?
How do the number of blades on a turbine affect electrical output?
How does the surface area of a turbine blade affect electrical output?
How does adding mass to the blades affect the turbine’s electrical output?
How does a gearbox affect the electrical output of a turbine?
How do you calculate wind power? What are some of the roles of people involved in a wind farm (siting, development, operation)?


numerous links at the Clearing House for Environmental Course Material: a website for sharing news and public information.

solar cells that can produce a photocurrent with efficiency greater than 100%

how solar lamps replace toxic kerosene in the poorest countries.

how citizens work to protect wildlife and wildlands.

how Canadian geothermal could produce a million times as much electricity as the country needs.

Certificate of Tree Planting

Sustainable Legacy Corporation and the SSET received a Certificate of Tree Planting from Eco Promotional Products after purchasing fabric wristbands made of recycled plastic bottles. With the help of Eco Promotional Products, we are showing respect for our environment.

SSET Certificate of Tree Planting

Upcoming Meetings

Regularly scheduled meetings, which include a program/presentation and discussion, are held at 3:00p on the second and fourth Sunday of each month. Meetings held on alternate Sundays are intended for special project work (including community service events such as Energy Day).

NOTE: Meetings will be held WEEKLY in March and April in preparation for ENERGY DAY.

Check this web site additional meetings (particularly for project work) and changes.

Visit our Meetings page for a complete list of 2013-2014 SSET Program Year meetings.

Ongoing Accomplishments

Click here to review a chronological listing of our accomplishments.

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